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Dream Woman 7 days Show Slimming Activated Hot Cream


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Dream Woman 7 Days 
Show Slimming Activated Hot Cream 
(USA Advanced Formula) 

The anti-fat & Cellulite factor

Powerful Quick effect on slimming by decomposing fat for the discharge out of the body.

This Amazing new hot cream contains 50% essences of the natural massage oil from plants extract in America, Brazil and Mexico with activated South American traditional medicine and powerful slimming and defatting organic ingredients. With its powerful quick-effect slimming and skin care functions.

The advantage of using this product is that it only targets those problem areas, which you want to firm-up. This is best advisable to individual who wants to target areas (ex. arms, legs, tummy). Better than taking those intake pills, tea, coffee, juice for loosing weight that gives you trouble to frequently going back and forth to toilet. This is best applied after shower were your skin is still moist and before going off to bed because it works our system is relaxed. But can be applied anytime of the day two-three times per day. After a week exactly seven days you will definitely see visible results especially when you religiously apply.

Essences of the natural massage oils
South American traditional medicine herb extract
Mineral hot oil
Vitamin E

Shake well, then softly massage on the problem area 2-3 times daily without rinse.

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