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Sun King Pro 2

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  • Long Lasting Solar Light with Mobile Charging
  • Water-sealed, dust-protected, nearly unbreakable.
  • LCD screen displays power level & remaining light time.
  • Multi-position steel stand & hand-carry strap.
  • Best for All purpose utility light, general tasks, charging mobile phones


Max/Min hours and lumens:

           *Turbo mode: 100 lumens - 6hrs.

           *Normal mode: 40 lumens - 15hrs.

           *Bed mode: 30 lumens - 30hrs.

* after 1 full day Solar Charge during bright day sunlight.


Phone Charging: Full Charge


Solar Panel: 2.5 Wp, 7.8 V integrated polycrystalline long lifetime (10+ years) solar panel with highly durable aluminum metal frame and industrial-grade glass protection.


Battery: Innovative, comfortably sized Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) 6.6V battery with 1450 mAh capacity designed for a lifetime of 2000 cycles,approximately 5 years. Multi-cell battery cell balancing for extended life. Microprocessor-based active charge controller prevents over-charging or deep discharge of battery.


Warranty: 2 years


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