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Sun King Eco

Social Solutions 


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  • Tough, long-life, and affordable task & reading light.

  • Suitable for donation to displaced households

  • Bright, warm-toned LED light.

  • 3 brightness settings: Normal, Low, Bed.

  • Industrial-grade solar panel with unbeatable durability.

  • Extra-long lifetime Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery.

  • Polycarbonate surface ensures the Eco is water-sealed, dust-protected, and nearly unbreakable.

  • Multi-position detachable steel stand & hand-carry strap.

  • Intelligent battery monitor allows the device to stay on for the maximum duration after reaching low power.


Max/Min Hours and Lumens:

Normal: 25 lumens - 4 hours

Low: 10 lumens - 10 hours

Bed: 4 lumens - 30 hours

* after 1 full day Solar Charge during bright day sunlight (6 am - 6 pm)


Water Resistant: Yes


Shock Resistant: Yes


Solar Panel: 0.5 W, 4.7 V thin-film panel with a highly durable aluminum frame and industrial-grade glass protection. It also comes with a 5-meter connecting cable.


Battery: Innovative, comfortably sized Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) 3.3V battery with 600 mAh capacity designed for a lifetime of 2000 cycles, approximately 5 years. Multi-cell battery cell balancing for extended life. Smart technology auto-switches out of high power when battery is running low, giving 5 additional hours of low power. No-memory effect and eco-friendly technology leaves behind all downsides of today’s laptop and cell phone batteries.


Warranty: 1 year



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