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Natural Seasoning Bonggan Mix Powder - 100 grams



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Kenzo and Kloe Nature Farm's original mixture of cayenne powder and ground dried fish has never been sold in the market.  This seasoning is the best kept secret of the Bicolanos, they use this as their secret ingredient to add zest and flavor even to the simplest fried rice, gata dish or any sautéed food. 

One sprinkle of this Bonggan mix will make your dishes an amazing delight for your family. 


Best for fried rice, stir fried dishes, omelette or to any regular dish that unique & distinct flavor


Ingredients: sun dried anchovies and cayenne powder

Net weight: 100 grams

100% Naturally Grown

- Support organically grown products

No Chemicals or Pesticides 

- Protect your Family against unknown substances, MSG, preservatives

- Provide a healthy diet and habit to your family 


Metabolic-Booster / Detoxifies / Antioxidant

Prevents & Controls Heart Attack / Anti-Cancer 


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